AutoChron Issues

Please note that we do not currently have any AutoChrons in stock for sales or replacements and neither do any of our vendors - Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. We do not have a date set for manufacturing new stock. If you do find AutoChrons for sale on any site, buyer beware, product is probably older or damaged.

We will at a later time this year, to be announced, introduce a new wall switch timer. It will not be called an AutoChron. It will be thinner and have new features but it will work just like the AutoChron. We will publish that date once product is ready.

But if you are interested in getting something similar for now, please consider the Woods Wall Timer, Model 59744, currently available in Lowe's. 

We apologize for this inconvenience.

SWE, Inc.

CFL Bulbs

AutoChron is the only wall switch timer that works with any type of bulb - including CFL.

Concerning Dimmers

If your toggle (flip) wall switch has a dimmer control that is part of the toggle (it is the narrow slider that is next to the toggle), the AutoChron will work without interfering with the dimmer control.

In order to adjust the dimmer control once the AutoChron is mounted to your wall switch, simply open the front panel of the AutoChron.  You will see the toggle and the dimmer slider is next to it in the opening. You can adjust the dimmer control as you prefer.

Just remember that the dimmer will remain in the same position when the toggle switch is turned on each time by the AutoChron.

Note:  if access to the dimmer slider is tight, you can easily push the override gate to the right for easier access.  Just remember to slide back the gate after you have completed the dimmer adjustment.

AutoChron Instructions for Daylight Saving Time

Easy Instructions to change current time for the end or the beginning of daylight saving time:

1) Press Enter
2) Press Hour for new time - verify AM or PM
3) Press Enter

Easy Step-By-Step instructions for programming your AutoChron

Function definitions:

“Enter” - Allows you to continue entering data.

“Prog” – Saves your data and takes you back to the current day and time.

To set your program(s), follow these key steps:
First, verify your current day/time is set correctly.  Pay attention to the AM/PM setting as well.
Reference the manual section titled, “Setting the Current Day and Time”.
Program On
1) Press “Prog”
2) Press “Day” repeatedly (until you see the day or group of days you want)
3) Press “Hour” (watch for AM or PM)
4) Press “Minutes”
5) Press “Enter”
Program Off
6) Press “Day” repeatedly (until you see the same day or group of days you selected for “ON”)
7) Press “Hour” (watch for AM or PM)
8) Press “Minutes”
9) If you are setting more than one program, press Enter and repeat steps 1 to 9 above for each different time you wish to set.  Once complete, go to next step.  Remember you can set up to nine different on/off settings per day and they can be different times for each day of the week. If not setting more than one program, SKIP this step.
10) Press “Prog” when finished.
Easy Instructions to set up Program 0
NOTE:  First, verify you have no other programs set to turn ON between 12:00am and 6:00am for the days you want to use Program 0. Your switch must be OFF to operate the random 3-minute intervals.
To turn ON Program 0:
           1) Press “Prog”
           2) Press “Enter” until you see Program 0
           3) Press manual “ON” button to set
           4) Press “Prog” to save Program 0 setting.
To cancel Program 0:
           1) Press “Prog”
           2) Press “Enter” until you see Program 0
           3) Press manual “OFF” button to cancel program
           4) Press “Prog” to save Program 0 setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About AutoChron

Q) Does AutoChron connect to my home internet?

A) No, unlike Nest and the Internet of Things, AutoChron is not connected through WiFi. Makes your home safer because it cannot be hacked.

Q) My timer worked for a few months just fine then suddenly it shows “ERR” on the screen. How can I clear it?

A) The “ERR” (error) reading is because of low battery voltage or something blocking the mechanism from moving the toggle up and down. First check to see if anything is preventing the toggle/mechanism from moving all the way up or down.  If so, remove it and make sure the mechanism is engaged (all the way to the left). If there is no blockage, change to brand new, full power batteries. Last, to clear the "ERR" message gently press a paper clip into the reset hole. Once cleared your timer should read “Monday, 12:00 am”. You will then need to reset your programs.

Q) My timer goes on and off at the wrong time of day. Why?

A) Check that your AM/PM settings are correct on your current day/time as well as your program settings.

Q) I have lost my instruction manual. How can I get a new one?

A) Click on manual in the right side column for current manual.

Q) My timer worked perfectly until we turned off the light in the other room. Why?

A) For AutoChron to work properly the polarity must remain the same.  If your timer is on a 3 way switch you must inactivate the 2nd switch or it reverses the polarity and AutoChron is not able to function properly.

Q) Do I have to reset the programming every week or once it is set will it continue? This is not mentioned in the book.

A) Once you have programmed your AutoChron (up to 9 on and 9 off times) it will work continuously until either the batteries need to be changed or you reprogram it.

Q) Do I need to reset my AutoChron when the time changes from Daylight to Standard and then back again?

A) No. You just need to change the hour .

Q) How do I know if I have a toggle switch?

A) The AutoChron does not work on a Decora Switch aka Flat or Rocker Panel.

Q) When I install my AC and move the mechanism to the left, my light has to be on so it doesn't work correctly. Why?

A) When installing AC to the switch plate both the toggle switch and the mechanism inside of the AC must be in the down (off) position. If you have inserted the batteries and pressed the on button, be sure to press the "OFF" button to lower the mechanism or AutoChron will not work.

Q) When I install my AutoChron the inside mechanism (which is supposed to engage with the toggle switch and move it up or down) barely makes contact with it.  It is a clever idea, but needs some revision in order to provide a greater degree of up/down movement to be able to fully engage the on/off toggle.

A) Once installed be sure to move the inside mechanism all the way to the left.  This makes the large rectangular shape around the toggle a small square shape.  The smaller enclosure allows the mechanism to fully raise and lower the toggle.

Q) I can't seem to move the mechanism all the way to the left.  The hole is too low.  Why?

A) Your light switch is "ON" but the AutoChron is in the "OFF" position.  The toggle and the mechanism must be in the same position when you install it.  Simply press the manual "ON" button to raise the mechanism and install.  Once AC is in place, move the mechanism all the way to the left.  Test by pressing the manual "ON" and "OFF" buttons.  It should function properly.

Q)  I installed my AutoChron, but it keeps wiggling, and does not connect well enough to turn the switch on or off.

A)  There are 3 possible causes:
Make sure you used the screw that came with your AutoChron, not the shorter screw you removed from the switch plate. Double check that the inside mechanism is engaged (reference page 18 of your manual). AutoChron must be installed on a standard, flat switch plate.  If you are trying to use it on a decorative switch plate, it cannot lay snug and flat for adequate connection.  You will need to replace the decorative style for a traditional switch plate.